the organic kitchen

In Réliva dishes are adjusted according to the seasons and the rhythms of nature.


With passion and respect we use local organic products from farms and nurseries in the vicinity of Bruges.


Organic farmers are the heart and soul of our kitchen. Lien as a chef will embrace good, fresh ingredients and develop a balanced dish.


 in restaurant Réliva


organic = logic

Réliva is a family business.


Chef Lien attended the Bruges Spermalie hotel-school and gained experience in Paris. Especially her passion and independence provide tasty dishes. The view is spoiled by dressing the plates as if they where paintings.


Brecht, who takes care of the restaurant, has a natural ability to receive people. He helps them with advice and assistance. Languages ​​have few secrets for him.


Greet is the glue between all parts and staff. She is helping where the need arises. It's the practical mama who takes much pride in her daughter.


Eddy is the sommelier with a passion for organic wines. All the wines offered were carefully selected at the family domains themselves. At Wijnkeldermeester (the master of the cellar), the import business, all wines can be tasted and purchased.


Reservation of 5 persons or more can not be accepted by the restaurant. The dishes are always freshly prepared by chef Lien and thus require a certain time for preparation.

For hygiene reasons dogs are not allowed in the restaurant.


Monday 18h – 21h45

Tuesday closed

Wednesday closed

Thursday 18h – 21h45

Friday 12h – 13h45 & 18h – 21h45

Saturday 12h – 13h45 & 18h – 21h45

Sunday 12h – 13h45 & 18h – 21h45