Lunch menu - Friday untill Sunday 12h - 13h45


Sharing plates – small, tapa sized - 2 to 3 for a meal


• Vegan/veggie € 9,5

Guacamole à la minute, chili lentils crackers

Houmous, sourdough sesame grissini, vegetables

Organic olives, sundried tomatoes, artichoke in olive oil

Bruschetta with avocado, houmous, za’atar

Thai vegan curry with turmeric, fermented tofu and pak choi

Vegetables pie based on egg, soy cream, goat cheese

Belgian chicory leaves filled with Pas de bleu cheese, walnut, honey

Portion baked new potatoes, rosemary and aioli            € 6


• Meat € 12

Bruschetta, coppa Mangalica cured ham, organic mozzarella di buffalo

Organic beef tataki, herb salad, ponzu sauce, sesame, wasabi

Spicy organic chicken wings, chili, spring onions, salad


• Fish € 15

Bruschetta with smoked eel ‘Oosterschelde’, radishes, sheep yogurt

Local mussels Asian style, lemongrass, ginger, chili, coconutmilk

Ceviche of wolfish, avocado, lime, fennel, cucumber, spring onion

Young wild herring, bean salad, olives, lemon, tomato confit



Salads € 19

Salads also available in small; tapa sized € 9,5


Goat cheese salad, beets, Belgian Crottin grilled, honey, herbs Provencal

Quinoa salad, roasted vegetables, avocado, vegan green pesto

Guinea fowl salad, slow cooked egg, old goat cheese, anchovy dressing

Pas de bleu salad, baby spinach, nuts and seeds, chicory, mustard vinaigrette


Food is all about spending time with those we love

On a board € 15 – medium sized

Belgian, organic cheeses 5, chutney, nuts

Belgian Mangalica charcuterie 3, chutney, pickles


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