time to lunch

Lunch menu

Food is all about spending time with those we love


Apero time € 9,5

Guacamole à la minute with crackers

Humus with raw vegetables

Organic olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes

Little gem filled with couscous tabbouleh

Radish with fresh goat cheese, olive oil, line seeds

Plate of Belgian Mangalica coppa cured meat *(+2,5)

Artisan Belgian, organic cheese plate *(+2,5)


Salads € 18


Served with bread and olive oil


Tabbouleh whole wheat couscous salad, organic vegetables, herbs, goji berries

Fresh goat cheese salad with summer berries

Belgian Mangalica coppa cured meat salad with sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes and olives *(+3)

Wild smoked salmon salad with sea vegetables *(+5)

Tataki from organic beef (raw), Thai salad


Grilled toast sourdough bread (3) with salad € 15


Served with an organic salad


Avocado, aioli, organic tomatoes, sprouts

Vegan américain prepare, pickled cucumber, tomatoes

Grilled goat cheese, honey and walnuts

Belgian Mangalica coppa cured meat, artichoke *(+2,5)

Wild smoked salmon, sea vegetables *(+3)


Poké bowl € 18


Hawaiian inspired salad with a twist


Plant-based bowl

brown rice, fermented tofu, avocado, organic vegetables, sesame tamari dressing

Sea bowl

raw marinated fish, brown rice, avocado, organic vegetables, sesame tamari dressing *(+3)


Week lunch menu – starter or soup + main dish € 25


Starter or soup € 9

Main dish € 21